August 13, 2012
1956 Three Women Mending by janie.cakes on Flickr.

1956 Three Women Mending by janie.cakes on Flickr.

July 14, 2012
Man with Flowers and (Birthday?) Cake by ChrisWarren1956 on Flickr.

Man with Flowers and (Birthday?) Cake by ChrisWarren1956 on Flickr.

February 29, 2012
059159 10 by Nick DeWolf Photo Archive on Flickr.corfu, greece
may 1959

059159 10 by Nick DeWolf Photo Archive on Flickr.

corfu, greece
may 1959

February 22, 2012
Rebecca IV by manganite on Flickr.

Rebecca IV by manganite on Flickr.

August 2, 2011
Hitler’s Austrian election campaign, 1938, Hugo Jaeger

Hitler’s Austrian election campaign, 1938, Hugo Jaeger

June 18, 2011
Serbian women and children  ca. 1904, A. Schuler

Serbian women and childrenĀ  ca. 1904, A. Schuler

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June 9, 2011
Wanna be in a picture ?..:))) by Katarina 2353 on Flickr.Serbia

Wanna be in a picture ?..:))) by Katarina 2353 on Flickr.


May 30, 2011
Intercultural Diversity

It’s fun being an European, isn’t it?

  1. You can get arrested for growing plants, but not for smoking them.
  2. You can make jokes about the Belgians and still drink their beer.
  3. a) You can legally kill yourself, b) You can legally be killed
  4. You’re exactly like the Germans, except that nobody hates you.
  5. You think you are a world power, but everyone else thinks Copenhagen is your capital…
  6. You get to insult people and defend yourself by saying it’s a national tradition.
  7. You can put your finger in a dyke and it will save your country
  8. You live in the most densely populated country in Europe, and still you’ve never seen your neighbours.
  9. If the economy is bad, blame the Germans. If a war is started, blame the Germans. If you lose your keys, blame the Germans.
  10. Bikes are public property. Locks are a challenge.
  1. You get to speak three languages, but none of them intelligibly.
  2. If other countries want to fight a war, they will do it in your country.
  3. You can brew drinks out of fruit, and still call it beer.
  4. You are either the Dutch, just less efficient the French, just less romantic the Germans
  5. Decent fries. Real mayonnaise. Great chocolate. The best beer.
  6. No one knows anything about you, except for the Dutch and French and they make fun of you.
  7. More scandals in a week than any other country in a decade.
  8. You can drive like a maniac on the road and nobody cares
  9. All your famous countrymen are either imaginary, or sex-offenders
  10. Face it. It’s not really a country, is it?
  1. When speaking fast you can make yourself sound gay.
  2. Experience the joy of winning the World Cup for the first time
  3. You get to eat insect food like snails and frog’s legs.
  4. If there’s a war you can surrender really early.
  5. You don’t have to read the subtitles on those late night films on Channel 4.
  6. You can test your own nuclear weapons in other people’s countries.
  7. You can be ugly and still become a famous film star.
  8. Allow Germans to march up and down your most famous street humiliating your sense of national pride.
  9. You don’t have to bother with toilets, just shit in the street.
  10. People think you’re a great lover even when you’re not.
  1. You get to pay the highest taxes in the world.
  2. You can kill baby seals and eat Rudolf the Reindeer.
  3. You live in total freezing darkness half the year and get 24 hour ozone-hole radiation the other half.
  4. You can get capital punishment for smoking dope.
  5. You can go skiing in your knickers.
  6. You get to hate the Swedes and beat the Brazilians in football.
  7. You have to be a woman to get anywhere.
  8. You don’t need to worry about land prices rocketing - its fairly spacious.
  9. When abroad you can impress people you meet with stories about killing polar bears and shagging penguins - and they believe you.
  10. You can actually get bored with blondes.
  1. Two World Wars and One World Cup.
  2. Warm beer.
  3. You get to confuse everyone with the rules of cricket.
  4. You get to accept defeat graciously in major sporting events.
  5. Union jack underpants.
  6. Water shortages guaranteed every single summer.
  7. You can live in the past and imagine you are still a world power.
  8. Bathing once a week - whether you need to or not.
  9. Ditto changing underwear.
  10. Beats being Welsh.
  1. You ain’t English!
  2. You ain’t English!
  3. You ain’t English!
  4. You ain’t English!
  5. You ain’t English!
  6. You ain’t English!
  7. You ain’t English!
  8. You ain’t English!
  9. You ain’t English!
  10. You ain’t English!
  1. Glorious history of killing South American tribes.
  2. The rest of Europe thinks Africa begins at the Pyrenees.
  3. You get your beaches invaded by Germans, Danes, Brits, etc.
  4. The rest of your country is already invaded by Moroccans.
  5. Everybody else makes crap paella and claims it’s the real thing.
  6. Honesty.
  7. Only sure way of bedding a woman is to dress up in stupid, tight clothes and risk your life in front of bulls.
  8. You get to eat bull’s testicles.
  9. Gibraltar.
  10. Supported Argentina in Falklands War.
  1. In-depth knowledge of bizarre pasta shapes.
  2. Unembarrassed to wear fur.
  3. No need to worry about tax returns.
  4. Glorious military history prior to 400BC.
  5. Can wear sunglasses indoors.
  6. Political stability.
  7. Flexible working hours.
  8. Live near the Pope.
  9. Can spend hours braiding girlfriend’s armpit hair.
  10. Country run by Sicilian murderers.
Give them a second chance
  1. Oktoberfest.
  2. Okotberfest-beer.
  3. BMW.
  4. VW.
  5. Audi.
  6. Mercedes.
  7. On a highway you can travel at a speed that would bring you to jail in any other country.
  8. You do not have to learn German as a foreign language.
  9. You think Sauerkraut is delicious.
  10. Contrary to common belief laughing is not forbidden by law (yet).

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May 26, 2011
Mediterranean costumes, late 19th century

Mediterranean costumes, late 19th century

May 23, 2011
Europe’s Right Turn

Europe’s Right Turn

May 23, 2011
Marseille, France

Marseille, France

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May 22, 2011
Luxembourg,  KPK

Luxembourg, KPK

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May 22, 2011
Orion dropping flares, Roy Samuelsen

Orion dropping flares, Roy Samuelsen

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May 22, 2011
Nesseby, Norway, Mika Linho

Nesseby, Norway, Mika Linho

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